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What was your experience like with Pro-Love Tucson? We would love to hear your feedback. Please click here to be redirected to our brief survey. You can share any feedback that would help us serve others better. You can even remain anonymous if you choose.

The people below allowed us to share their story and their names have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Anna's Story

"I don't know where to start but the first thing I wanna do is thank the members of Pro-Love Tucson! Thank you for picking me up every time I fell (which was a lot), thank you for listening, encouraging, supporting and guiding me in the right direction. Every time I look at my little baby boy I couldn't imagine my life without him. Most importantly, thank you for asking to talk to me from the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood and when you approached me it was nothing but kindness, support and love; definitely a different mood from inside the Planned Parenthood. You guys were with me through every single step as I changed my mind at least a billion times, you reassured me that whether I choose to parent or give my baby up for adoption you would support my choice 100%. Even going to my appointments with me and finally praying for me. I am the least religious person I know but not anymore thanks to you guys I pray, I write, and I cry tears of joy because in the end everything turned out just fine. I'm glad I didn't make a decision out of fear because there is always a way, Thanks for showing me the way. Small organization but big hearts."



Please click here to read an article published by Save the Storks in 2017 that explains how Pro-Love Tucson got started. 

Please click here to check out an interview with one of our sidewalk advocates, Gabriela, about why she got involved with Pro-Love Tucson.

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