Had an Abortion?

We understand that abortion effects everyone differently. Many women experience unexpected side effects after their abortion- physically, emotionally, and/ or spiritually. 

Some signs of struggle could be:

  • A sense of sadness loss, regret, or emptiness

  • Depression, anxiety, difficulty in relationships, or addictions

  • Difficulty getting the experience out of your mind

  • A need to keep the experience a secret

  • Difficulty being around pregnant women or babies

  • Feelings of anger, guilt/ or regret

  • Unpleasant dreams or sleep disturbances

  • Believing no one else will understand what you are feeling

  • Fear of being judged

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, there is hope and help closer than you think. No matter how long ago your abortion was, if you need someone to talk to, the trained staff and volunteers at Hands of Hope Tucson can provide confidential and non-judgmental support as they help you process through your experience. 

Please click here to be redirected to their website where you can read more about their services and make an appointment. 


A Love Letter to a Girl

Who Has Had an Abortion


As I sat down to write this note, I tried to think about what would have been helpful to me as I was leaving the clinic after my abortion in 1984. But then again, I’m not you and each person’s abortion experience is very personal and unique. There’s a lot I don’t know—what your situation is, what your beliefs are, why you chose abortion, and how you’re feeling now that it’s done.

What I do know is this. The emotional response to abortion can be complex. Current feelings of relief may shift into sadness and/or regret weeks, months or years from now. You may be wondering if you made the right decision, you may not have any second thoughts, or you may feel relief and regret at the same time.


I think the most important advice I can give you is this—be honest about your feelings, whatever they are and whenever they show up. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel about this experience.

If you are having some struggles, talk to someone—preferably someone who will let you process your feelings and help you understand why you feel the way you do. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone.